What is Tap aerator?

Tap Aerator is a small attachment that are fitted at the end of water taps mouth or can be inserted inside the spout and can act as a water saving aerator for tap. 

Water Aerators for taps come in the form of mesh screens that divide the flow of water into multiple small streams by adding air in between. The volume of water flowing from the tap gets reduced as the water stream is diluted with air. This results in water savings on taps and water aerator also minimize splashing in sinks.

Normal water tap aerators will not restrict the flow of water and the water flow is directly proportional to the pressure of the water pipe line. so, Normal water Aerators dispense anywhere between 8 liters per minutes to 15 liters per minute.

What is mean by Tap water saving aerator and how much water do aerators save?

Since water pressure affects the flow rate, too much of water gets wasted in the taps during operation. For Example, When a tap is opened for hand wash, more than 95% of the water bounces off the User’s hand and gets wasted.The purpose of water saving aerator is to maintain a constant rate of water flow with minimal variation in the flow due to pressure fluctuations. Since water pressure is affected a little, there is hardly any difference in the amount of water coming out from an aerator. Users can benefit from usable water flow while maintaining water efficiency at the same time. Quantity of bouncing water reduced to a greater extent and contribute water saving.Areator contributes a great extent in water saving especially with older taps which typically supply around 8 to 15 liters of water per minute. An aerator can help cut the water flow by less than half or even 90% i.e.  as low as 1.2 liters of water per minute.  Aerator can be installed on 95% of taps and as per estimates, their use can save up to 1200 liters of water in a month.
Water Saving Aerator is alternatively called as Water Conservation Filter, Water plastic Nozzle, Tap filter, Tap Flow restrictor, Tap flow regulator, Tap Nozzle, Foam flow filter, faucet aerators, faucet tap filter, etc..


What are the available Water Saving Aerator flow patterns?

Various flow pattern models are available in water saving aerator like Shower flow(Shower stream/Spray), Laminar flow(non-splashing solid stream), Aerated flow (Air mixed with water spray) and Mist flow (Breaking up of water particles into tiny particles and sprays like a fog).

What are the available water saver aerator Flow rates?

Shower flow Aerator – 2, 3 & 4 LPMs
Aerated Foam flow aerator – 4, 6 and 8 LPMs
mist flow aerator – 1.2 LPM


Advantage of our Aerators:
Our aerators are made of Poly Oxy Methelene (POM), an engineering plastic which is know for wide range of applications like car dash board, car parts, hydraulic parts.
1 year replacement warranty of any breakage
Different flow patterns
Huge amount of saving water flow from tap

What are the benefits of installing a Tap water aerator?

Saves water. A Tap water aerator can greatly reduce the amount of water you use in your home. The amount of water you can save depends on the type of aerator you install, but aerators are available that restrict water flow from tap up to 1.2 litres per minute (LPM).

Filters out debris. The screen in the aerator is able to trap small debris that would otherwise have made it out of your faucet. Although aerators can get clogged with debris, calcium and limescale, you can easily remove and clean them.

Prevents splashing. Without an aerator, water would come out in one big stream and splash all over the place. By dividing the water into streams and slowing down the flow rate, an aerator is able to reduce splashing out of the faucet.

Shapes Your Faucet Water. Faucet aerator are also used to shape the water stream that it coming out of your sink. It helps create a straight, evenly pressured water stream. 

Increases Perceived Water Pressure. While faucet aerator do cut down on the amount of water that you are using, it actually creates a buildup of high pressure in your faucet right behind the aerator. This is particularly helpful in homes that have low water pressure.


General Specification:

Fits into most standard Indian taps with nozzle diameter 22 mm.

Dimensions: 22mm Male or Female Brass adapter rings

If your tap size is not a standard size? We can manufacture customize Water saving nozzle for your requirement. Please visit our water saving nozzle page for more details.

How I can choose my Water Saving Aerator?

Choose your tap aerator based on the purpose. Choice should be based on your tap mouth angle, Pressure at tap point, Main purpose of the tap where its getting installed, Water Usage. 

How about maintenance of Water Saver aerator? 

Aerators occasionally need to be rinsed out since sand and particulate can build up at the filter and restrict the flow. Plan to replace water aerator for taps periodically to maintain good performance. It is advisable to replace tap aerators every 2 years.


If I can save water by opening tap cautiously, Why I need water saving aerator? 

If a tap is always used only by one user, then it make sense to go without water saving components. but Almost all the taps are used by more than one person, so it make sense to go with water saving products.

My Tap doesn’t have thread, but want to save water. Any alternative available? 

Yes. Tap flow Controller / Tap flow restrictor can be used. Due to maintenance over heads its advisable to replace the tap.


Our Recommendations:
2 LPM /3 LPM Spray flow water saving aerator for Wash basins.
4 LPM Shower or Laminar or 6 LPM Aerated flow water saving aerator for Kitchen sink.
8 LPM Aerated flow Aerators for common areas where water requirement is higher.
Mist flow aerator for Corporate office. Mist Aerators are not advisable for Kitchen sinks as the flow is very less for complete kitchen application.